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M’sian man chooses to stick with Perodua Axia, says it helps him filter out gold diggers

Social NewsM'sian man chooses to stick with Perodua Axia, says it helps him...

Apart from being a mode of transportation, many also view cars is also a symbol of status.

Recently, a Facebook user confessed on a Facebook page that he was reluctant to change his Perodua Axia as it helps him weed out gold diggers.

In the post, he wrote, “I saw a post about a 25-year-old driving a Proton Saga with RM100,000 savings in his bank account. I just want to say, I’m 29 this year and I drive a Perodua Axia, with RM380,000 in savings.”


“I know it isn’t much but it’s all the money I earned and saved. I didn’t win any lottery.”

Meanwhile, he shared that people around him, including his family, friends and relatives, had advised him to change his car, but he remained steadfast about keeping his car and told them that he have got no money to do so.

He then shares how girls stop keeping in touch with him after he picks them up with his Perodua Axia for their date.

“Some would even question me as to why I’m 29 and still driving an Axia. It made me feel bad about myself by I didn’t let it pressure me from getting a new car,” he said.

Source: Paul Tan

However, he was not discouraged by it and said that cars are only a mode of transportation and he is glad that his car has helped him filter out gold diggers. “If a girl would only date me based on the car I drive, we wouldn’t have a great ending anyways,” he said.

“I’ve seen many of my colleagues earning RM5,000 a month but they are driving a car that requires them to pay an instalment of about RM1,800 – RM2,000 a month. This amount doesn’t even include maintenance fees, and your car value will depreciate – I feel like it’s such a burden.”

“My goal next year is to save up close to RM45,000 and maybe find a partner who would be okay with me driving an Axia. Maybe then, I’ll think about changing a new car.”

There was a mixed reaction from netizens with some agreeing with how the user manages his finances, while others think he is just making up stories about his wealth.

“When I first started dating my husband, he only had a motorcycle, I thought he was testing me… I guess I’ve thought too much about it,” a netizen said.

“Your savings can continue to increase, but it should not be a reason for you to not change your car. In life, you do not have the luxury to “consider things after a few years”. There’s no turning back if you misses a woman who is a good fit for you. There’s nothing wrong with her wanting you to have a better car. You can save everything, but you should spend on her,” a netizen said.

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