Sunday, February 5, 2023

“Better not to have this promotion” M’sian chides ‘super saver’ promotion that offers savings of only 1 sen!

Social News"Better not to have this promotion" M'sian chides 'super saver' promotion that...

Businesses often launch ‘clearance sales’ or ‘super saver sales’ to attract shoppers to spend at their premise.

However, a recent ‘Super Saver’ offer at a supermarket has left netizens shocked at how misleading the promotion and the actual saving were.

Taking it to Twitter, netizen @anthraxxx781 shared an image of a price tag of canned food on the ‘super saver’ promotion, where the original price is RM6.50 for a can but it was sold at RM12.99 for 2 cans.

Nonetheless, anybody who is quick the calculations would notice that the ‘super saver’ promotion only helps customers to save 1 sen, which hardly makes this a ‘promotion’.

The calculation goes:
Normal price: RM6.50 x 2 = RM13
Super Saver price: RM12.99

In the comment section, many were baffled by the ‘promotion’ and pointed out that this was hardly a promotion, especially when the cashier will round up the bill, making customers to still pay RM13 for the 2 cans.

A netizen shared that shoppers will not get mad if there is no discount, but this will definitely piss them off.

Another netizen jokingly said shoppers will get to save RM100 if they bought 10,000 canned food.

On the other hand, a netizen shared a video showing the price of a bag of coffee powder that was listed for RM28.61 under the ‘super saver’ promotion.

However, the original price tag that was hidden behind the new price tag stated it cost RM26.86. Instead of being a saving, this is a price mark up!

This incident teaches us to not believe all ‘promotions’ that was listed on the shelf and verify it with our calculations.

What do you think about this promotion? Share your thoughts!

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