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Man waited 4 hours at Immigration Office, slams officer for the delay and lodged a police report after causing a scene

Social NewsMan waited 4 hours at Immigration Office, slams officer for the delay...

We all know how long the wait is when we are getting things done at the public sector.

Recently, a video featuring a man in a heated argument with the officers on duty at Anggerik Mall Urban Transformation Centre (UTC) went viral online. It was reported that a police report has since been lodged by the man.

According to Utusan, the incident took place last Wednesday (10 August) and the viral video showed the man was frustrated by the long wait, which led to a heating argument between him and the officers.

Source: Mynewshub

The man can be heard saying, “You are rude to me, you play games with me, no problem… I have recorded everything.”

In response, the officer scolded, “Hey, who’s wrong? No manners. Get out. Eh, record it, stupid!”

Meanwhile, it was reported that the man, in his 50s, went to the immigration office in Kuala Selangor nearby his home in Puncak Alam. However, due to the issues with its online system, he was forced to go to Anggerik Mall UTC at 4.30 pm to apply for his passport with his son.

Source: Mynewshub

“Around 6.30 pm, the officer gave me and my son numbers 1201 and 1202 respectively. After my son finished applying, I was called by an officer at counter 5 and was informed that the JPN system wasn’t operating and had to call upon me again at 8 pm,” the report reads.

“Around 8.30 pm, the number I received wasn’t called upon, but at the time being the number called upon is 1211. After waiting for at least 4 hours, I asked a supervising officer why my number wasn’t called, but he argued that I did not go to the counter.”

The response from the officer triggered the man and he kicked a metal pole and claimed that he was being played and made a fool.

He then approached the officer who is working at counter 5 and shouted at her while banging the table.

“She shooed me out of the office and warned me to not bring my family here in the future. I recorded the incident,” the man said.

Meanwhile, the man also stressed that the immigration office did not inform the public that only 200 numbers were distributed daily for appliers.

Would this situation get on your nerves if you were in his shoes? Share your thoughts!

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