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Food blogger Ceddy calls out netizen who calls Chinese “Ching Chong”, slams him for inciting racial unease

Malaysian food blogger Ceddy is known for giving honest opinions about how the food taste, as well as his views on certain matters. His outspoken personality is also why most Malaysians love his content.

However, one of his recent tweets got some Malaysians riled up and he had to delete the tweet to prevent the situation from worsening.

The tweet was about him praising the fact that the Muslims in Sabah have no problem dining at Chinese restaurants that don’t serve pork or alcohol, saying that it’s refreshing to see everyone, regardless of race and religion, dining together with little to no issue.

Unfortunately, his good intentions were not well received by netizens, with many disagreeing with his statement.

Responding to Ceddy’s tweet, Twitter user @mohdsyafiuddin made a remark that said, “Can’t believe there are many that agree with this statement. It’s a good thing I don’t have any ching chong restaurants to promote.”

The racist statement has led to more people joining the argument, criticising Ceddy for not being sensitive towards Muslims and what they are permitted to consume according to their religion.

Despite having deleted his tweet, Ceddy still defended himself by calling out netizens who started the argument.

“Yes, you’re not satisfied with me because you think I shouldn’t meddle in religious affairs when I meant to say it’s nice to see people of different races/ethnicities come together but did you have to refer to us Chinese as Ch*ng Chong? Attack me, not the whole race,” he said.

The netizen who left the racist comment then turned his profile private, cutting off all responses from Ceddy and other netizens.

“You rallied people to attack me, you know what you’re doing and then you put out a very racist tweet. I was never racist to anyone. You were,” Ceddy responded again.

Meanwhile, many netizens have come to defend Ceddy and call out the netizen who left the racist comment.

At the same time, Ceddy said it is pointless for him to explain himself as some would continue to twist his words. He then thanked netizens who supported him and understood the message he was trying to convey.

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