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Billie Eilish fans disappointed with the concert’s poor management, angered by the poor sound system and small stage

Malaysian fans were so excited when they first heard that Billie Eilish will be performing in Malaysia in conjunction with her world tour.

However, while her songs were undeniably enjoyable, many fans also voiced their disappointment about the overall experience of the concert.

According to Twitter user @Khairulaming, he first pointed out that the sound system was so bad that the audiences can’t even hear what Billie was saying.

Secondly, he said that what disappointed most of the fans was the size of the stadium in comparison to the size of the stage. He said that while viewers in the standing zone may have the opportunity to get a good, clear look at Billie Eilish, but those in the seating zone could barely see her and had to rely on the big screens to get a good view of the performer.

Meanwhile, many fans also expressed a similar sentiment to Khairul and said they felt cheated for spending so much money. 

A netizen then commented that the concert experience was like watching a football match instead.

Apart from the poor seating arrangement, many concertgoers also complained about how the event was organised poorly.

Some netizens took the opportunity to share sample pictures of other concerts that were organised well, with seating and stage for music artists such as One Direction, Imagine Dragons and Kpop stars.

A netizen also compared the ticket price and the distance of the seats from the stage at Imagine Dragons that was held in Stadium Melawati, Shah Alam.

On the other hand, some compared this to the pictures of Billie Eilish’s concert in Manila where the audience was much closer to the singer.

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