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Penang chicken rice seller gets panned by netizens over viral claim of links to non-Halal eatery

A Muslim eatery in Sungai Ara, Penang found itself in trouble after a viral video that claimed that it is selling non-halal chicken and ducks to Muslim customers.

Earlier, a video showing workers from a shop handing over cooking equipment and food ingredients at their premises to a non-Muslim premise in Paya Terubong went viral online.

The matter has since caught the attention of the Islamic Religious Council (MAINPP) and and investigation was immediately opened against the Muslim eatery.

According to Harian Metro, the President of Islamic Religious Council of Penang (MAINPP), Datuk Ir Ahmad Zakiyuddin Abdul Rahman said the investigations found that the business premise is a partner of a non-Muslim who also sells chicken and duck rice.

He said the matter is also being looked into by the Penang Islamic Religious Department (JHEAIPP) Halal Division and the department planned to inspect the chicken rice business premise on Tuesday (16 August), but it was closed.

“Inspections on another premise, alleged to be a branch of the Sungai Ara chicken business in the Persiaran Gurney area, have also been carried out but the owner could not be found.”

Ahmad Zakiyuddin also said the inspection would be carried out again with the Penang Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) and that it will cover all angles, including allegations of obtaining supplies from non-Muslim owners.

The trader’s explanation

In response to the accusations, the trader, known as Aliya, uploaded a video on Facebook, explaining that the non-Muslim premise was merely serves as a place for washing equipment and disposing of food waste.

“It is true that we always go to that restaurant, but only to send excess food such as bones to be given to the pet dog of the owner of the premise,” she said.

In addition, she also showed how food was prepared at her shop.

She then announced that the shop is now closed as there are doubts about the halal status of the food they sell.

She also apologised to the public for causing misgivings and anger.

Nonetheless, she gave assurance that no meat was ever sourced from the non-Muslim premise.

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