Saturday, February 4, 2023

Indian movie has a scene that features M’sian company being involved in bribery, M’sians totally agree with it!

Social NewsIndian movie has a scene that features M'sian company being involved in...

Graft and corruption are not new in the country and unfortunately, Malaysians need to live through them. Now, it seems that stories about the widespread corruption in the country is spreading to other parts of the world.

Recently, Twitter user @ArifJuhani shared a scene from the Indian Malayalam movie ‘Kaduva’ where one of the actors mentioned a Malaysian company offered to bribe for the importation of palm oil.

“With that, our country’s dignity is stepped on,” the netizen said.

The tweet has since gone viral online with other netizens agreeing that Malaysia is famous on the international stage but for all the wrong reasons. They also shared how other international works featured Malaysian leaders as a master of corruption.

According to a netizen, the video game ‘Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End’ had a scene where one of the characters explained how the Malaysian permit office was bribed.

Another netizen then suggested to watch the drama ‘Blacklist’. “In it, they mentioned several times that Malaysia is involved in money laundering, human trafficking and gangsterism,” he shared.

Meanwhile, a netizen brought up a video from 2017 where the ex-Prime Minister of Kenya Raila Odinga shared a story of the corruption in both Nigeria and Malaysia as he highlights the link between corruption and development crisis at a conference in his country.

Other than the sharing, some netizens expressed their disappointment at the country’s leaders for putting the country in a bad light by not combating graft seriously. Some even pointed out that Malaysia is exporting the corruption culture with our leaders being the example for others.

“Well a lot of leaders and those at the bottom are involved with bribery, so it has become part of Malaysian culture. Other countries see it, and they just highlight it.” a netizen said.

“I love it when script writers do their research, for accuracy,” another netizen commented.

Do you agree that these movies correctly portrayed our country as spot on? Share your thoughts!

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