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Muay Thai boxer dies after getting TKO-ed by M’sian opponent in Muay Thai Championship

Social NewsMuay Thai boxer dies after getting TKO-ed by M'sian opponent in Muay...

A Muay Thai boxer from Thailand died after he was knocked out cold by his Malaysian opponent during a match on Friday (12 August).

The victim, identified as Kittichai Chaengkhao, 28, was participating in the Ambang Merdeka Muay Thai Championships 2022 which took place at the Kolej Uniti Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

Meanwhile, a 27-second video on TikTok showing how Kittichai was knocked out by his opponent went viral online.

During the match, Kittichai received a blow from his opponent right on his face. The blow was so heavy that it knocked him off his feet and sent him tumbling to the ground.

Another separate video shows the medical team trying desperately to revive Kittichai by performing CPR on him but he showed no response and remained unconscious.

Meanwhile, Bernama reported the victim breathed his last breath at 10.57 am on Saturday (13 August) at Hospital Raja Perempuan Zainab II after receiving treatment at its emergency unit.

Kelantan acting police chief, Datuk Muhamad Zaki Harun said the cause of death was due to brain haemorrhage.

“At the championship, the victim who was from Chumpong, Thailand had lost to a Malaysian muay thai boxer, aged 29, from the Kuala Lumpur Red Army Club.”

“The unconscious victim was first brought to the Badang Health Clinic about 1 am yesterday, but was then rushed to the emergency unit of HRPZ II and he died there yesterday morning,” he said.

Source: TikTok

Muhamad Zaki revealed that the investigations found the deceased was married and had a child. His body was later sent to the Rantau Panjang Immigration, Customs, and Quarantine and Security (ICQS) Complex to be handed over to the next-of-kin

“Based on the investigation, the deceased had entered Malaysia legally and had a valid travel document.”

“Police have also recorded statements from the organisers of the muay thai championship on the case and found that they had a permit to hold the event,” he added.

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