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19 teenage girls rescued from malfunctioned elevator, believed to have overload it

Social News19 teenage girls rescued from malfunctioned elevator, believed to have overload it

On Sunday (14 August), the Sungai Buloh Fire and Rescue Department Facebook page share an incident where a total of 19 teenage girls were trapped in a malfunctioned elevator.

According to the department, the incident occurred at Kota Damansara at 8.26 pm on Saturday (13 August) and all the teenage girls were rescued without any harm.

The department also uploaded a video of the rescue, which showed 2 firemen making their way toward the elevator.

Once they reached the elevator, one of them carefully pry open the door with a key while another supported him. As the doors opened, the girls hopped out of the elevator one after another.

Nonetheless, the elevator was as packed as sardines. Even more so, one of the girls was on the verge of passing out.

The firemen later said that the cause of the elevator’s malfunction could be due to an excessive number of users, causing it to overload.

Source: Facebook

They also share that the girls were students of a college located inside the building.

In the comment section, netizens expressed relief to see all the teenage girls rescued, but at the same time, could not help but criticise them for acting irrationally.

“Young yet brainless. Did you think the elevator was an aeroplane?” a netizen said.

“How convenient for the teacher to say they’re petite so that they can squeeze into the elevator.” another netizen said.

Meanwhile, the department also advised users to be more responsible when using elevators and be patient while waiting for the next round.

“Excessive load will result in it malfunctioning, even if the alarm doesn’t go off,” the department wrote in the statement, adding that shortness of breath and fainting may also occur due to the intense humidity and lack of oxygen while inside the elevator.

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