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Sabah father forced to carry her baby daughter’s body for over an hour while walking home

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We often hear how Sabah’s poor infrastructure had brought inconvenience to the people there, especially those living in rural areas, but it seems that the situation will not be improving any time soon.

Recently, a social media post of a father who was forced to walk back to his home in Kampung Samparita Tengah, Kota Marudu, while carrying the body of his baby girl due to the poor condition of the road went viral online.

According to Sabah Info’s Facebook page, the journey took him more than 1 hour.


It was said the father received help from the Sabah Charities and Jariah Association as the volunteers there offer to send him and his baby girl’s body back in a van.

However, their journey ended halfway as the road condition to his home was so bad that the van could not continue. The father then had to walk home while carrying her daughter’s body.

In addition, it was reported that the volunteers tried to call for help but failed due to the lack of coverage in the area.

Source: Facebook

To make things worse, it was pitch black as they were travelling late at night in the forest.

It is said that the incident happened a few months ago, when the 5-month-old baby girl was confirmed dead at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

In the comment section, many netizens expressed their condolences and praised the actions of the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for giving a helping hand.

Meanwhile, a netizen shared a similar situation where the remains of a baby in Kudat had to be transported through a river.

According to the netizen, the baby’s family had to use a fallen tree as a bridge to cross the river.

Many also pointed out that such incidents are common in Sabah as the state was plagued by poor infrastructure.

Netizens said the local politicians are responsible for making Sabah one of the poorest states in Malaysia, despite revenue from oil and gas, palm oil and tourism. However, some said the people have only themselves to blame for voting for the same party over and over again.

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