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MRSM Kuantan students harassed and bullied by unknown people, receives death threats too

Social NewsMRSM Kuantan students harassed and bullied by unknown people, receives death threats...

Last week, a bullying case of a 14-year-old teenage girl studying at MARA Junior Science College (MRSM) in Kuantan has gone viral online, with the mother slamming the school management and authorities for their lack of action despite numerous complaints.

According to the mother, Nazrah Mohamed, her daughter been harassed by an unknown person since June 2022 until now.

She revealed that someone kept cutting up her school uniforms that were hung outside to dry, scribbled on the bathroom walls and even wrote a threatening note to her. The last incident was when her daughter and her roommates woke up to discover someone had cut their hair short while they slept.

She added that the school management and wardens did not take the matter seriously and even accused her daughter of being the perpetrator when she kept reporting the incidences to them.

Meanwhile, Nazrah said she found out that other students staying in the same block as her daughter faces similar harassment as well.

Speaking to Sinar Harian, Nazrah said it was unacceptable that no action was taken until today. She hopes the matter will be resolved soon and will not hesitate to take legal action.

“Is MRSM Kuantan waiting for lives to be lost before they take action?” she said.


What happened?

The incident started on 17 June when her daughter’s blue school uniform and a senior’s batik shirt that were hung outside to dry were scribbled on.

The duo reported the incident to a Form 5 senior and a roll call was held to find the culprit but they couldn’t find who did it.

On 19 June, the 14-year-old teenager found her yellow school uniform with the sleeves cut off. She then reported it to her seniors but they said they would try to investigate on their own first before reporting to the warden.

The mother also called up the chief warden the next day to follow up on the case but found that nobody had reported the matter to the chief warden.

The chief warden later confirmed that the students were trying to solve the case on their own after checking with them. Nazrah questioned whether it’s normal for the school to leave these things up to children to solve.

Nonetheless, the harassment continued and the perpetrator kept getting away with it. On 26 June, her daughter’s blue school uniform and another student’s PJ shirt were once again being scribbled.

On the same day, the walls of the bathroom were scribbled on and it was reported to the warden.

However, the wardens accused her daughter of doing all the pranks and then pressured her to admit to the acts.

On 3 July, her daughter’s roommate found the slippers outside arranged in a snake-like pattern and the bathroom door was scribbled on. Again, they reported the matter to a senior.

About a week later on 14 July, Nazrah phoned the vice principal of student development (TPPP) to follow up on the case but the vice principal claimed that they’ve sent her daughter for counselling and reported her daughter has anxiety and high-stress levels.

The vice principal also recommended that her daughter needed psychiatric treatment.

The mother then heeded the vice principal’s advice and brought her daughter to the psychiatrist. After a clinical interview, the psychiatrist said her daughter was healthy and found and didn’t exhibit any anxiety, depression or stress.

This is when Nazrah was displeased with the school management and she decided to meet with the principal, vice principal, chief warden, school counsellor and another warden to discuss the matter.

The principal admitted that it was their mistake. However, Nazrah said the statement from everyone wasn’t consistent.

On the same day, Nazrah decide to lodge a police report against the school management and also filed a complaint with SISPAA under the Education Ministry.

Unfortunately, the case did not end there but intensified instead. On 7 August, a group of seniors found five blue shirts that were cut up. The following day, they found five yellow school uniforms, including Nazrah’s daughter’s tudung, were cut up.

On the same night, a Form 3 student, who stays in the same dorm, found a threatening note addressed to Nazrah’s daughter.

On 12 August, her daughter and her roommates woke up to find that someone had cut their hair short in the night.

The bullying incident had since gone viral online with many netizens criticising the bullies and the school management for ignoring the victim’s plead.

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