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“Hidup Katak!” Namewee roasts political frogs with his new song, featuring Syed Saddiq who gives a speech laced with sarcasm

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Malaysian rapper and filmmaker Namewee is back with his latest song that roasts the country’s political frogs as general election fever continues to heat up.

In a music video uploaded on Namewee’s YouTube channel on Friday (12 August), the song took a swipe at the frogs through verses in Malay, Chinese and Tamil, also featuring Malaysia United Democratic Alliance’s (Muda) Muar MP Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman as he dances in the video and giving a sarcastic speech on frogs being a protected species in Malaysia at its ending.

Katak katak si katak katak dia suka lompat sini lompat sana sini sana (Froggy, froggy it likes to jump here and there).”

Kalau nak jadi kaya mari ikut saya (Do as I say and you’ll become rich).”

Pintu belakang ada si katak, dia selalu muncul dan hilang tiba-tiba (Froggy at the backdoor, It appears and disappears out of nowhere).”

Selamat datang, sini Malaysia, katak kita semua pandai pakai otak (Welcome to Malaysia, our froggies are just way too smart)”, the lyrics of the chorus read.

Meanwhile, verses in Chinese referred to the ‘frogs’ not having any stance or ambition while also being able to speak well on stage and needing money from the people.

“Then it will kiss you goodbye, don’t you feel surprised,” the lyrics read.

At the end of the music video, Syed Saddiq can be seen giving a speech in Malay that is full of sarcasm, saying that ‘frogs’ being a protected species and as such Malaysia’s national treasure.

“They have a very high IQ and are very good at jumping with a lot of collagen and most importantly, they are very rich.”

“Being under our country for many years, frogs continue to mate non-stop and reproduce in increasing numbers,” he said with with shouts of “Hidup katak!” (Long live the frogs!) at the end.

Nonetheless, the song’s release came after the constitutional amendment that introduces the Anti-Party Hopping Bill that prevents MPs from switching parties.

In February 2020, the “Sheraton Move” resulted the collapse of the Pakatan Harapan Federal government, when a number of MPs switched sides to help form the Perikatan Nasional government.

Following that, the state governments of Melaka, Kedah, Perak and Johor, previously led by Pakatan Harapan, also fell due to defections.

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