Wednesday, March 29, 2023

TikTok prank involving parents scaring their children with pontianak effect goes viral, netizens slam irresponsible parents

Social NewsTikTok prank involving parents scaring their children with pontianak effect goes viral,...

Trends come and go on TikTok, but the latest one making rounds on the social media platform has caused some concern among netizens as it may cause children to be emotionally damaged.

Recently, Twitter user @AmirulRuslam has taken online to express his opinion on one of the trending TikTok effects which he thinks would cause trauma to innocent children.

The trending TikTok effects involved replicating the voice of a laughing banshee, also known as Pontianak by the locals. How the trend goes is that the parents or the guardian of the child push the record button before swiftly running out of the bedroom, leaving the child alone behind the door whilst the Pontianak laughs.

Commenting on the trend, Amirul said it is saddening to see innocent children being the targets of this TikTok trend, which he thinks of as “rubbish”. 

“It’s even more so when the audiences are entertained, but the children become the victims of this rubbish trend,” he said.

In a follow-up tweet, Amirul said children should not be taught to fear ghosts but to fear God instead.

“They should be taught to fear of committing sins,” he said.

He further explains that the trauma may have long-lasting effects that accompany the children into adulthood. Not to mention the other effects on the children if they still fear ghosts when they grow up.

“The same group of individuals who previously frightened them will mock their phobia,” he said.

“They’re likely to blame them for not being manly enough due to their fear of ghosts. I hate this kind of people.”

Meanwhile, netizens expressed the same sentiment and pointed out that parents should never set their children up for something harmful. Some even share the unpleasant childhood experience that their parents caused.

“To be honest, I don’t like that trend at all. You can see the genuine reaction of the kids that they are truly scared of it and they probably gonna get traumatised,” a netizen said.

“Adults with trauma will be triggered by this sound too, not just kids. Those who do not understand will think it’s funny,” another netizen said.

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