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MMA calls for tougher regulations on beauty and aesthetic industry

NewsMMA calls for tougher regulations on beauty and aesthetic industry

The Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) has called for stricter regulations on the beauty and aesthetic industry to save the image of the industry.

According to NST, MMA president Dr Koh Kar Chai said unregistered self-claim beauticians are now flooding the nation. Without the proper certification, these unqualified individuals could bring harm their clients.

Dr Koh also said the scope of work of beauticians should be defined, as they were prohibited from carrying out surgical procedures.

“Medical doctors who provide aesthetic services in Malaysia need to obtain extra credentials,” he said.

“However, we still hear of aesthetic surgical procedures being carried out by those claiming to be professionals in beauty centres or hotel rooms.”

Dr Koh then pointed out that many beauticians trained hard to be certified professionals. Thus, the government needs to take firm action against those who marred the beauty industry.

Source: Daily Express

“The dental aesthetic industry has also made headlines recently as there are individuals and establishments offering training in dental procedures, with many dealing with the application of dental braces.”

“Dental doctors undergo training for years before they are allowed to provide dental treatment, including orthodontic treatment. Professional assessment needs to be carried out before deciding on the course of treatment.”

Previously, Health Ministry announced that it will not compromise with those who were not certified to offer dental services following the launch of the Beauty and Health programme.

Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said the ministry would step up enforcement to ensure that only certified dentists could offer dental services.

Khairy said dialogues would be held with the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry following an appeal from the beauty industry to allow some procedures, including laser treatments, to be conducted by beauticians.

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