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Celebrity preacher says husbands can drink their wives’ breast milk as it is their property

It’s normal for someone to have some kind of fetish, but such matters should stay in the bedroom, and there’s no need to address them publicly.

Recently, celebrity preacher Ustaz Azhar Idrus made a declaration that husbands who wish to drink their wife’s breast milk are allowed to do so under Islam.

He explained that this is because the husband is the ‘tuan’ (master) of his wife’s breast milk, and therefore had absolute permission to drink it as they wished.

On the other hand, Azhar say if a wife wants to breastfeed a baby belonging to someone else, she would need to get her husband’s approval before doing so.

“This is because the milk belongs to him while she is only the owner of the pouch containing the milk,” he said.

He then led on to the subject of virgins, saying that single women could not have breast milk as they did not have a ‘master’.

“Virgins need to get married in order to have breast milk and a ‘master’, which is their husband.”

“So if the ‘master’ wants to drink her breast milk, it’s not an issue, and he is free to decide how he wants to drink it,” he said.

Meanwhile, netizens find the topic of discussion pretty unexpected, especially within any religious context.

“Dutch lady isn’t that expensive, guys,” a netizen commented.

“Don’t understand why the preacher brought up the issue of drinking wife’s milk out of a sudden,” another netizen said.

Nonetheless, nobody is exactly sure why the preacher brought up such a topic, let alone provide an entire lecture on the subject.

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