Wednesday, March 22, 2023

“We choose to stay single forever!” Group of M’sian men founded a “Bachelors’ Club”

Social News"We choose to stay single forever!" Group of M'sian men founded a...

Tying the knot with our loved ones is one of the happiest things in life, but unfortunately, some of us just do not want to get married, or the opportunity to do so.

According to Utusan, it was reported that a group of single men aged 40 to 79-year-old has formed a “Single Men’s Club”.

The club was founded for men who choose not to get married because of the cost involved in getting married.

Speaking to the Malay press, one of their members, Mr Leong, 61, said he choose not to get married because the wedding costs were too high.

“Back then about 10 years ago, weddings would cost at least RM50k, nowadays it could go up to RM300k. I only have a normal job, how am I going to be able to afford it?” he said.

“That is why it is better for me to stay single. You can anything, you can gather and chat with friends until the morning, no one will stop you.”

Meanwhile, Mr Lee, 79, said he used to have a girlfriend back then and she wanted to get married. However, her family asked for RM25,000 as dowry, which was a put down for him.

“I was a farmer back then, and didn’t have that much money. In the end, we broke up and I just try my best to forget about the relationship.” he said.

“I see my friends getting married and moving to the next ‘stage’ in life. But, I also see them going through a lot of hardships trying to maintain the marriage,” he added.

He said after seeing them go through these hardships, he felt blessed for not getting married.

He continues by saying that it is not easy to take care of children if you do have not enough money.

Meanwhile, the group’s most recent gathering was to celebrate the upcoming National Independence Day.

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