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“With these potholes, Mat Rempits will die before the race starts” Sabahans respond to report claiming there is no Mat Rempit in the state

Social News"With these potholes, Mat Rempits will die before the race starts" Sabahans...

The mat rempits (illegal stunt-performing motorcycle racers) phenomenon is well known in several states, but when it comes to Sabah, it appears that taking part in one does not appeal to youths there.

According to a report by Sinar Harian, a reporter claimed that he could barely spot any mat rempits in the Sabah.

He also said that youths there spend their free time on something more beneficial.

Source: The Star

“For instance, when we were at the Philippines Market which is known for their seafood and pearl brooch, they were doing all sort of works, and not just sitting there,” he said, adding that the youngsters kept themselves occupied by attracting customers, organising the items, and cleaning the floor.

When darkness falls, Sinar Harian reported that most of the youth there spend their time at night running their own businesses. “Some sold snacks, while others managed a restaurant. It wasn’t easy to spot any elderlies working at night,” the report said.

Source: FMT

What Sabahans have to say?

While it is certainly true that mat rempits are rarely spotted on the streets in Sabah, there is actually one main reason that youths there do not take part in illegal racing.

“Racing on the streets in Sabah? You’ll end up dead before the race has even begun,” a netizen said.

“The pothole-filled roads are part of the local government’s strategy to curb the illegal race issues,” another netizen said.

Apart from the damaged roads, some Sabahans pointed out that the roads in the states are all bumpy.

“The roads in Sabah are like the surface of the moon. You’ll die if you race on it,” one netizen said.

“People repent after taking part in illegal racing, not because the police but the ambulance,” another netizen commented.

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