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Villagers in Sabah fed up with waiting, fixed potholes themselves

Social NewsVillagers in Sabah fed up with waiting, fixed potholes themselves

Being Malaysians, we all how difficult it is to get the authorities to fix a pothole, especially after the elections.

Recently, a group of villagers in Sabah, who got fed up with waiting for the local authorities to repair the potholes, had taken the initiative to fix the road themselves.

According to Sin Chew Daily, the stretch of road at Jalan Off Batu 9, Jalan Labuk Lama, Kg Bariawa, Sandakan, Sabah is often muddy and filled with potholes as heavy-duty vehicles use it all the time. 

Source: Facebook

In April 2022, the ADUN of Sungai Manila, Mokran Ingkat visited this road and said the government repaired the street. However, within 2 days, it was damaged again as lorries from 3 companies had used the road. 

Mokran also said that if the companies do not stop using the road, he would ask JKR to install a height limit pole so that the lorries will not pass through. 

Fast forward to August, there was not a single action taken by the local authorities and the roads remained filled with potholes.

The frustrated villagers then took the initiative to fill up the potholes with some concrete pieces that an unnamed individual contributed.


According to a series of pictures shared by the Facebook page ISU Sandakan, it can be seen that villagers are spreading concrete pieces to fill the potholes.

Meanwhile, the Facebook page pointed out that this is just a temporary solution and they hope the ADUN will take action and install the height limit pole as promised in April 2022. 

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