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Stateless teen dies in detention, believed to be due to delayed medical attention

Source: Facebook & Malaysiakini

Last Wednesday (3 August), one of two teenage brothers who were detained by the Immigration Department in 2020 died in custody.

According to a Facebook user, 19-year-old Mohd Hassan Albat and 18-year-old Mohd Raman Albat were born in Malaysia, and their father is also a Malaysian citizen.

Speaking to Malaysiakini, activist Jefry Musa said the brothers were detained by the Immigration Department in 2020 for not possessing valid documents. He also shared that they were in this conundrum because their mother was a stateless person, therefore, their parent’s marriage was not legally registered.

Source: Malaysiakini

“Right now, the family’s priority is to fight for Hassan’s freedom. He is not a Filipino as the authorities have alleged. He does not have any relatives in the Philippines.”

“So far, since his brother’s death, the family has not been able to contact Hassan. So we do not know how he is doing.”

“We want to get justice for Raman too. But now, our campaign is focused on saving Hassan and after this is done, we will move on to fight for justice for Raman,” Jefry was quoted as saying.

According to Jefry, about a week before the victim’s death, his brother, Hassan contacted their uncle and informed him Raman complained of chest pain. However, it is alleged that he was only brought to the hospital on 2 August, where he passed away the next day.

It was reported that a post-mortem was conducted but the results have not been released. The victim’s remains were collected by the uncle and laid to rest last Friday (5 August).

Meanwhile, Jefry alleged that the uncle was “duped” into signing a document that absolved the Immigration Department of any responsibility and no legal action could be initiated against them.

“The uncle thought it was just a document that he needed to sign to claim the remains of his nephew. He did not understand what it actually meant. Basically, he was misled.

“So we are weighing legal options and seeking advice from several lawyers who have agreed to help in this case,” he added.

At the time of writing, the Immigration Department has yet to release any statement explaining the incident.

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