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Dr Amalina reveals that her children will not have Malaysian citizenship, some netizens chided her

Source: Instagram

Recently, some netizens asked Dr Amalina if her children would hold only UK citizenship or dual citizenship (Malaysia and UK), but things got heated up after she gave her answer.

Taking it to Instagram, Dr Amalina, who is a well-known Malaysian doctor residing in the UK, answered a question posed by her followers about her future kids’ citizenship.

“Our kids will be British,” she said.

Source: Instagram

However, it appears that her answer was not well received by some netizens.

Despite the criticisms, the physician explained her decision to not have her children become Malaysian citizens in an Instagram post on 8 August.

Dr Amalina first pointed out that if a Malaysian woman is married to a non-Malaysian and if the children are born outside of Malaysia then they will not automatically be considered Malaysian citizens.

She then clarify that she would love that her children to have Malaysian citizenship but she and her husband are currently living and working in the UK.

“I can’t simply fly back to Malaysia to give birth because of my commitments here. To take leave and fly all the way back is not the right call for us and the baby. This is the best decision for us as a family,” she said.

At the same time, she also responded to those who spread rumours and slander, and said that she’s not living in the UK for nothing.

“I’m here to work, to get my PhD and to become the best expert in my field,” she said.

She added that her children’s citizenship will not matter as long as they’re good people and that she’ll teach them the Malaysian culture and language.

Meanwhile, she also said she is aware that some Malaysian mothers are struggling in getting their children a Malaysian citizenship. Dr Amalina then expressed support to these mothers and hope that they will find a solution.

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