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The broadcaster’s Livestream went wrong when her breasts moved downward

In recent years, selling and buying things online have become the norm. Of course, this opened up a whole new market for people.

One of the ways people sell their goods now is by live streaming as it allows them to show off the goods and market their things in real time.

Unfortunately, no matter how well planned something may be, things can still go wrong. For instance, this live broadcaster had a strange accident with her chest. Needless to say, her ‘accident’ left her viewers bewildered. Some even wondered if it was a new trick to attract viewers.

The photo of the incident went viral after someone uploaded a screenshot of the broadcaster. Apparently, a pleasant looking woman was hosting the broadcast in a tight blue shirt. There was nothing out of the ordinary at first.

However, during the broadcast, viewers were startled to realise her chest, specifically her breasts, had started moving. Netizens were dumbfounded as they watched the ‘breasts’ slide from her chest area towards her stomach. Several expressed terror upon watching the phenomenon. Others asked if the hostess was tricking them.

Unfortunately, the incident was not explained. However, props should be given to the hostess, who kept going even as her ‘breasts’ slid down. Well, if nothing else, we’re sure she had her audience’s full attention that whole time.


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