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Man confesses to M’sian woman that he ate her rescued puppy

A Malaysian woman confronted a man on the condition of a dog she gave to him for adoption and was horrified to hear what he had done.

In a one-minute video posted on the Malaysia Homeless Animal Movement Facebook page last week, the woman can be seen approaching the man at a soy bean stall in Cheras.

“Did you give the dog to someone, or did you slaughter it?” she asked him.

“I already gave it to a Burmese person to slaughter,” he responded.

Baffled, the woman asked, “Why did you send it to be slaughtered and not return it to me?”

He shrugged it off by saying, “The dog has been slaughtered now. It is gone now. What do you even want now?”

The woman continued to question him by asking why he decided to do so after promising the woman he would take the dog in as a pet.

“You said you wanted to adopt the dog. Only then did I give it to you,” she said.

The man gave no response and told the woman to leave. He waved his hands and said, “This is a place of business. Don’t make a fuss.”

Nonetheless, the woman persisted and tried to convince the man that eating dogs is wrong.

Again, he shrugged the woman off by saying that people from Guangxi, China can eat anything as long it’s an animal. He also told her to stop talking about the matter.

“If you had told me that you wanted to eat it, I wouldn’t have let you have it,” she lamented.

The man told the woman that as she had given him the dog, he could do whatever he wanted with it since he had already informed her about his intentions to eat it.

The woman denied his claim and said that he never told her that he wanted to eat it. Instead, he told her that he likes dogs and wants to adopt.

To which he sighed and responded, “I loved it so much that I ate it.” He then laughed and said the woman shouldn’t be here.

The woman then ended the video after confirming one last time if the dog was really dead.


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