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Increase wages of civil servants to combat graft, says Putrajaya UMNO

NewsIncrease wages of civil servants to combat graft, says Putrajaya UMNO

To better combat graft in the public sector, the government should increase the wages of civil servants, said Putrajaya UMNO.

In a statement, Putrajaya UMNO division chief Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor said the division supports the Congress of Unions of Employees in the Public and Civil Services’s (Cuepacs) proposal to improve the salary schemes of civil servants.

Tengku Adnan also pointed out that it has been a long time since salary schemes for civil servants were revised.


The last review to set the minimum salary of RM1,200 was done in 2013, while the last salary increment given to federal civil servants under the Malaysian Remuneration System was done in 2017.

He added that wages of civil servants in other Asian countries, such as India, Korea, and neighbouring Thailand are much higher as it is based on the average income scores by the World Bank.

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“A salary increment will help civil servants cope with the unavoidable rise in the cost of living as well as curb corrupt practices among them.”

“Putrajaya UMNO requests that the government review the salary and allowances of civil servants.”

“We have also agreed to join in Cuepacs’ picket should it take place,” the statement reads.

On 27 July, Cuepacs president Adnan Mat called on the government to increase the salaries of civil servants before Parliament is dissolved or face street protests.

He said proposals to raise the salaries of those in Grade 19 to Grade 29 had been made to the public services department (JPA) countless times, but no action had been taken.

In addition, he also demanded the government implement an RM1,800 minimum wage, two annual salary increments, and a new and more effective remuneration system.

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