Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Watch: Honda driver flexes his Malaysian passport when cutting queue at Tuas Second Link

Social NewsWatch: Honda driver flexes his Malaysian passport when cutting queue at Tuas...

We commonly see rude drivers giving ‘the finger’ to express their anger and dominance on the road. However, this Honda driver had an even more bizarre method of expressing his emotions in an attempt to overtake a car.

In a Facebook post by netizen Joanna, she shared that she and her sister left for the Tuas Second Link at 7 am and only got through customs at 8 am. Unfortunately, they met with terrible traffic and were stuck in it for over 4 hours due to the long National Day weekend in Singapore.

This is also when things turn interesting. While waiting for the traffic to ease, a Honda driver coming from the left of Joanna tried to overtake her.

In a short video Joanna shared, the Honda driver can be seen dangling his arm out from the window.

However, Joanna refused to let him and inched forward. She said that she wasn’t wrong as the Honda driver did not put on his signal lights beforehand.

She added that she would have been more than willing to give way if he had done so.

In response, the Honda driver winds up his car window and put on his mask. When he turns the windows down again, he gestures angrily at Joanna with his arm.

Apart from that, the Honda driver took out his passport and waved it at Joanna and then points to the ground, believed to be telling her that he was sliding in and went on to overtake her car.

Source: Facebook

Although the image she took was not clear, Joanna managed to identified it as a Malaysian passport.

While she was not sure why the Honda driver ‘flexes’ his passport, Joanna thinks that it was because she was driving a Singapore-registered car.

“We are also Malaysians! Just because we drive a Singapore-registered car doesn’t mean we are Singaporeans nor are we to be bullied by you.”

“Is a Malaysian passport your trump card? As Malaysians, we are deeply ashamed of your behaviour,” she wrote.

In another video, the Honda driver can be seen getting out of his car and pointing at his license plate, which showed that it was registered in Johor. He then points at Joanna before giving her a thumbs-up and returns to his car.

In the comment section, netizens were amused by the driver’s action of flashing his Malaysian passport to cut the queue.

“Next time I cut queue I’m gonna show passport,” a netizen said.

Another netizen said Malaysia has the most powerful passport as it can be used to cut queue anywhere.

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