Friday, March 31, 2023

“These beggars do not deserve help!” Sabah woman explains why the public should not pity them

Social News"These beggars do not deserve help!" Sabah woman explains why the public...

Recently, videos of children begging on the streets in Sabah have started to resurface on social media. While most of us are taught to help the poor, this TikTok user has urged the public to refrain from donating to them, or even lending them a helping hand.

Taking it to TikTok, user @evoncutie6446 stitched a video showing a passenger seat filled with RM50 notes and a child looking in at the money and explaining why the non-locals, especially those living in West Malaysia, should not pity them.

She said that most of these children are pendatang asing tanpa izin (PATI), or illegal immigrants.

Source: Daily Express

Evon continues saying that the locals (Sabahans) do not want to condemn or criticise them but their poor attitudes were the reason why locals acted cold towards them.

“Why we, as locals, don’t like them is because they always ask for donations from other people. When we don’t give them donations or money, they would hit our cars, spit on us, all of that,” she said.

She then pointed out that the streets of Sabah are dirty because of them and the locals. “Other than that, they also act like gangsters in Sabah,” she added.

“They are not nice at all.”

She also said these beggars acted terribly when the locals tried to help them, and even more violent when they do not lend a helping hand.

Meanwhile, she said the locals have lodged multiple reports against them but it seems that they keep coming back.

In the comment section, Sabahans lauded Evon for voicing out their thoughts. Some even shared their own traumatising experiences.

“OMG right! I have experienced it before, they stopped my car from moving and surrounded my car. At that time, I was so scared. First time experiencing it,” a netizen said.

“That’s right sis, I have also experienced it. When I gave some money to one, a whole bunch of them came. When I didn’t give them, they didn’t allow me to go. I was traumatised,” another netizen shared.

One netizen then shared that she once gave them RM1 but they will deny it and ask more RM5 or RM10.

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