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Food delivery riders planned a ‘blackout’ to protest against unfair compensation but it failed as majority continues to take orders

On Friday (5 August), a convoy of food delivery riders gathered at the Grab Malaysia headquarters to protest against the low delivery fares.

However, the protest failed to achieve its goals as many other riders continue taking orders from the app as usual.

Previously, the group threatened to boycott by not taking any food delivery orders for 24 hours.

Source: Twitter

Nonetheless, some riders who did not join the protest said they were not surprised by the boycott’s failure.

Speaking to FMT, they said such boycotts would be meaningless unless the customers and vendors were supportive.

“Today, we’re working as usual because we have wives and children to look after. If not, there won’t be food on the table,” a rider was quoted as saying.

On the other hand, some resorted to other tactics, such as urging the public to give these food delivery apps a poor rating on Google. Some even threatened to abuse the ‘cash on delivery’ system as retribution for food delivery riders who declined to join the boycott.

What netizens think?

There was a mixed reaction from netizens on social media, with many supporting the food delivery riders and urging the companies involved to lower their pay.

On the other hand, some said the world does not owe food delivery riders a living and they should not rely on solely one income. Also, netizens said the market is determined by demand and supply.

Meanwhile, food delivery companies Foodpanda and Grab Malaysia each have announced some goodies for these riders amid the protest.

Foodpanda announced a 3-day bonus from today to Sunday to its registered couriers. Apart from that, there are additional bonuses to be given to food delivery riders who who work at the specified time and date.

As for Grab Malaysia, it announced that there was no reduction in base fares for their delivery services. It also explained that there had been a glitch in its system, which resulted in a discrepancy in the riders’ earnings.

Grab Malaysia also said that it has since rectified the issue, transferred the shortfall to all affected partners, and clarified the matter via its official communication channel to its partners on 21 July.

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