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“There are appointments for sale!” M’sian businesses lamented the difficulty in hiring foreign workers

News"There are appointments for sale!" M'sian businesses lamented the difficulty in hiring...

While Malaysian companies are facing difficulties in hiring foreign workers, it appears that some had been taking advantage of this ‘business’ opportunity to offer ‘appointments for sale’.

According to The Star, Malaysian employers claimed the appointments were difficult to obtain because of the red tape in the process of procuring foreign workers.

One of them even said that if employers were to get an interview to secure workers, chances were he or she would only get less than half of what was requested.

“If you apply for 50, you will get 20 workers, and SMEs bear the brunt of it because their turnover sales are between RM5mil and RM20mil.”

“Giant organisations get priority because they have the government to back them up but for SMEs, they are the forgotten lot at times unless you know somebody.”

The employer also said applications were easily rejected as there are so many requirements to fulfil. “You also need a bit of help from the association to help push your applications,” he added.

Meanwhile, another source who is aware of those who offer to pay for an interview, reveals that the price is set at RM1,300 to RM1,500 per head and one does not need to worry about the quota.

“The ones who pay in 3 weeks will get it, while those who actually attend the interview without any payment may not even get it after 3 months. It is an open secret.”

“We already have a system in place, and those who know their responsibilities should carry out their work honestly, so that these things do not happen,” the source said.

Source: The Star

Currently, the process of procuring foreign workers in Malaysia is done via the Foreign Workers Centralised Management System (FWCMS) under the Human Resources Ministry.

An employer has to create a company profile online and upload all the required documents, including turnover and Employee Provident Fund to the system.

Commenting on the matter, Small and Medium Enterprises Association (Samenta) policy and government relations chairman Datuk William Ng said that they have received reports over such incidents and raised concerns of possible “hanky-panky” behind the approach.

“We received many complaints from members who faced difficulty in hiring foreign workers, which is done via the FWCMS.”

“After registering, they are required to undergo an interview, which is in Putrajaya. It is either they are physically present or via agents.”

However, he said there have been many cases in which applicants are informed that the interview appointments have been cancelled or postponed for reasons such as understaffing and wrong scheduling, while on their way to Putrajaya.

“What’s strange is that after the interviews are postponed, cancelled, or their applications rejected, there would then be ‘agents’ making contact shortly after.”

“These ‘agents’ would offer to assist and expedite the process for a fee of between RM1,000 and RM1,500 per applicant.”

“It raises suspicion and we wonder how those ‘agents’ know about our application status within such a short period,” said Ng.

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