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“I’m not Captain Syers!” Local food blogger Rhys William denies to be a cast in Mat Kilau

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The locally produced movie Mat Kilau has been a hit among Malaysians and it has become the country’s highest-grossing local film ever.

For good and bad, Mat Kilau has affected people’s lives and one example of this would be food blogger Rhys William, aka Mat Salleh Cari Makan, who claims that people have been badgering him ever since the movie came out!

Rhys claimed that many netizens pointed out that he looked eerily like an actor in the movie, and many also asked if it was him who was cast the movie.

Source: Facebook

In response to the matter, Rhys has taken to his Instagram account and said, “Ever since “Mat Kilau” was released, many thought I was Captain Syers (in the movie),” he said.

“We look the same, but that isn’t me. It’s exhausting repeating this.”

Rhys then said he had never gotten any offer to act in such a large-scale film, adding that what he got was ‘lots of food offers’.

“Hopefully no one will call me a coloniser anymore because I’m actually the victim of being colonised by the food in Malaysia,” he joked.

Meanwhile, his fans poked fun at his little announcement and said that they can’t believe that it wasn’t him.

“I thought you lost weight just to cast the movie because his silhouette is like yours,” a netizen commented.

“Just admit it, bro. We will not make fun of you,” another netizen said.

A netizen jokingly said, “No wonder Syers (the character) ran during the war. He apparently went to eat. Clever Rhys.”

Do you think that Rhys and Captain Syers looked alike? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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