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“Accept your fate” Kedah MB calls on Baling flood victims to have an open heart and be grateful

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On Thursday (4 August), Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor has called on Baling flood victims to accept their fate with an open heart and be grateful for other blessings granted to them.

Speaking at the ceremony of a project to build 12 houses in Desa Keda Sadek, Kupang, a sub-district in Baling, he described the floods as God’s will and pointed out that even developed nations were unable to prevent such disasters, reported NST.

On 4 July, over 300 residents from 8 villages in Baling, Kedah were evacuated to several relief centres (PPS) after a flash flood landed in the area during the wee hours. The massive floods were reported to have claimed the lives of 3 people too.

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“Besides giving our level best in helping the flood victims to get back to their usual lives, we can only advise them to accept it (the incident) as fate and always be grateful for blessings granted by Allah to them in other sectors,” he said was quoted as saying.

“We were chosen to face this test and let us be His servants that are always grateful for all the blessings bestowed on us throughout our lives.”

“There are blessings behind every fate, if we ‘redha’ (accept with an open heart) and be patient.”

Following his speech, he called on the people to pray for the district to be protected from further flood disasters.

“All we can do now is pray. Even developed nations are unable to prevent floods from happening,” he reiterated.

“That is all we can do while the flood mitigation projects in Baling announced earlier by the government are completed.”

Meanwhile, he also denied that the Musang King plantation in Gunung Inas was the cause of the massive floods.

He then cited a report by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources that said none of the reservoirs on the Musang King farm had burst, adding that claims made on social media were untrue. 

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Watch Sanusi making the remark on the disaster at the 6:32 minute mark of the video below:

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