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“That’s wasting our money!” M’sians slam Government for developing over 200 apps and most of them are useless

Social News"That's wasting our money!" M'sians slam Government for developing over 200 apps...

While the government invests in upgrading and digitalising its operations, it is also important that these projects bring about positive changes.

Recently, it was revealed that the government has developed a total of 200 mobile applications for the public’s use. However, how many of them are actually useful to the public?

In a parliamentary question to the Prime Minister, Kluang MP Wong Shu Qi asked for a list of the applications the government has developed, as well as a list of their agencies.

Responding to Wong’s question, Special Functions Minister Datuk Dr Abd Latiff said as of July 2022, there are 200 mobile applications related to the government that were developed by 93 government agencies.

Among them was JAKIM’s “Hijrah Diri – Homoseksualiti” app, which was developed to help nurture and save the LGBTQ among Muslims. The app was later taken off the Google Play Store after it was found to be in breach of the platform’s guidelines.

On social media, netizens were shocked to find out that the government developed so many apps to begin with. Not to mention that most of them are either not functioning or are pretty much useless.

“GAMMA app is worthless. There’s no value in it. Seems like most of these apps were designed for some people to make a big profit,” a netizen said.

One netizen then pointed out that with the government’s cyber security, having those 200 apps is just more ways for people’s private data to be hacked, leaked and scammed.

“Malaysians are good at building, maintenance is a totally different ball game. Some probably have no or very weak data security, with no consistent upgrades, perfect for hackers,” the netizen said.

Some also questioned the quality of the apps developed. “What about the quality of the apps? Not to mention the various websites that have been created by the various government agencies,” a netizen said.

A netizen even pointed out that there’s an app called MyPotholes by JKR, but it was apparently not in use. “Was it publicised? Having an app is one thing, acting on the feedback is another issue..” the netizen said.

In the meantime, the minister did not name the 200 apps that the government has developed, as well as the agencies. However, Wong said that she will be trying to follow up on this in the next sitting.

The list of apps under GAMMA can be found here.

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