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“Is East Malaysia a dumping ground?” M’sians slam PDRM for relocating problematic officers to Sabah

Social News"Is East Malaysia a dumping ground?" M'sians slam PDRM for relocating problematic...

Last Friday (29 July), 9 policemen were arrested to assist in the investigation into an alleged extortion case involving a businessman, believed to be related to a drug issue, in Gombak, Selangor.

According to Selangor deputy police chief, Datuk S. Sasikala Devi, the 9 arrested police officers were of rank from constable up to sub-inspector.

A few days later, it was announced that the 9 police officers were transferred to Sabah and Sarawak.

Source: FMT

However, the announcement did not sit well with Malaysians with many calling out the police force for ‘dumping’ problematic cops in Sabah and Sarawak.

Among them who voice out is Kota Belud MP Isnaraissah Munirah Majilis as she takes to her Facebook page to lament the PDRM for treating East Malaysia as a dumping ground.

“We are already behind in terms of infrastructure, don’t tell me even in terms of service, you guys give us the problematic people.”

“When will we progress? Stop treating us like this,” she said.


Meanwhile, fellow Sabahans and Sarawakians also agree with Isnaraissah and has taken to Twitter to express their disappointment over PDRM’s decision to dump the cops to Sabah and Sarawak.

“What happens if these officers still cause problems in Sabah and Sarawak? Where would you send them afterwards? Back to peninsular?” a netizen asked.

Some netizens also said that the officers involved should be suspended instead of being relocated. “Why is it that when an officer is involved in these kinds of cases they are not just thrown out? Why keep trash,” a netizen said.

Another netizen asked why aren’t the officers facing disciplinary action. “Do you think that just sending them to Sabah and Sarawak they can’t do the same thing,” the netizen added.

On the other hand, some hope that the state government will ban them from entering the state. “The priority should be on the locals there. How can we rely on them to keep us safe when they are involved in a case related to integrity,” a netizen said.

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