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Residents in Damansara Damai protests against MBPJ’s proposal to build a temple in the area

Social NewsResidents in Damansara Damai protests against MBPJ’s proposal to build a temple...

Malaysia is a multi-racial country where Malays, Indians, Chinese and people of various other ethnicities trying to live together in peace and harmony.

However, racial issues remain one of the biggest issue the country faces.

Recently, the Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya sectioned off a piece of land in Damansara Damai and declared their intention to build a temple for the Hindu community there. Unfortunately, the proposal has met with huge criticisms from the Muslim community in the area, who protested against it.


Taking it to Facebook, Surau Al-Huda shared a couple of pictures of community members at Apartment Impian, Damansara Damai protesting against the proposal.

“We, the residents of Damansara Damai object because this area is not where the majority of the temple-goers live. The visitors will be people from outside this area who will not be sensitive to the residents here.”

“Peace and security will be disrupted. We request that the authorities consider our appeal. Because a lot of lands has already been allocated for them in Peninsular Malaysia compared to us who are the majority,” the post reads.

The group also pointed out that the proposed temple is next to a site of the proposed Islamic religious school owned by the Malaysian Ministry of Education.

Source: Facebook

In the comment section, other community members supported the protest and said that there is no need for a temple in the area as those who practice the religion are such a small population.

“There are too many temples around. What do they want more?” a netizen said.

“Muslims are the majority in Damansara Damai. No need to build a temple here, please take note. We need to ensure the rights of the Malays in Damansara Damai,” another netizen said.

Meanwhile, some netizens think it would be better for the authorities to build public facilities such as a clinic or a police station as it would be beneficial to the community regardless of race and religion.

Some said it was the fact that traffic is already terrible in the area and building a temple there will worsen it.

“The road in Damansara Damai is already one way… the road is very jammed during rush hours, what more with a temple and the various festivals that they have,” one netizen said.

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