Sunday, March 26, 2023

“That looks more like a grave!” M’sian shares a picture of how a RM300 room for rent looked like

Social News"That looks more like a grave!" M'sian shares a picture of how...

Prices of goods, especially food items, have skyrocketed over the past months. Unfortunately, this is the same with house rentals as landlords increases prices to cover their cost of living.

Recently, a Twitter user shared a picture of a room in Kuala Lumpur that was out for rent for RM300. While the price may be considered relatively low, the room may one that you will choose if you have options.

Based on the picture, it showed that the room comes with a mattress and a fan attached to the wall. However, the room was so narrow that it can only fit one person.

“Good morning to everyone except to the person who rented out this room,” the user wrote in the tweet.

In a follow-up tweet, the user revealed that the unit is somewhere in Maluri, Cheras, KL.

“It is said to be the nearest to an LRT station, Pavilion, and it comes with the view of the KLCC towers,” she said.

The tweet has since gone viral online with many netizens pointing out that property prices in the city have increased more than they should over the years, and as a result, this is what we get.

One netizen pointed out that residents in KL will soon be like those from Hong Kong, where the poor are living in ‘coffin homes’ that are smaller than prison cells.

Meanwhile, some said that such rooms are not only common in Kuala Lumpur but it exists in other states too.

“Not just in KL, I used to work in Segamat, Johor where the 1 shop lot had 10 isolated rooms, with only 1 shared bathroom. We were like sardines,” a netizen shared.

“Rent a room in Manjung, Perak. It costs RM300 and it looks exactly like this. A shop lot that has 10 rooms!” another netizen said.

What do you think about this? Do you think that Kuala Lumpur will one day be Hong Kong? Share your thoughts!

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