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PDRM officer spotted kissing Najib’s hand, M’sians express disgust with the VIP culture

Social NewsPDRM officer spotted kissing Najib's hand, M'sians express disgust with the VIP...

The VIP culture has persisted in Malaysia for so long and it appears that the society now is treating VIPs with great honour despite what they have done is more harm than good.

Recently, a picture of a PDRM officer kneeling down and kissing the hand of former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak went viral on social media with many crticising the practice of idolising politicians.

However, it was unclear where and when the picture was taken.

In the comment section, a huge backlash was sparked among netizens as many condemn the PDRM for idolising and celebrating Najib although he has been convicted for his crimes.

“What is wrong with my country? The police are kissing criminals,” a netizen said.

“No matter how much he steals from the people and how many crimes he commits, some of the people in our country will continue to kiss his hand or lick his leg. This is the reality,” another netizen said.

On the other hand, a netizen pointed out the irony in the picture, “Picture that hits hard. The hand of a major criminal is being kissed by the police who are supposed to catch criminals.”

Some even tagged PDRM’s official Twitter account and demanded them to take action on their member of staff.

“The police man should be sacked and not given leave or a transfer. Imagine the police kissing the hand of a criminal. You don’t even see this in Mexico,” a netizen said.

VIP culture in Malaysia

The VIP culture often results in the double standard treatment of the public and those who are in power.

Despite the culture being hated by many Malaysians, the culture has been reinforced in our youths even during schooling times.

Earlier this year during the Hari Raya season, a banquet that was held at a school went viral online with VIPs enjoying their feast under a luxurious tent, with chairs wrapped beautifully and the table nicely decorated, while the students eat crossed-legged on the floor.

Nonetheless, it seems that this culture is deeply ingrained in society and it will not be going away soon.

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