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Drinkable sunblock? Netizens remained sceptical about this new product that was promoted in Malaysia

Social NewsDrinkable sunblock? Netizens remained sceptical about this new product that was promoted...

It is common for businesses to claim that their product is the best in the market or overclaim its functions. Thus, being wise consumers, we would always remain sceptical and conduct our research before buying it.

Recently, a drinkable sunblock has been the subject on TikTok and Twitter with many netizens doubting the product.

In a video that has gone viral online, a woman, who is believed to be the product’s founder, was seen promoting a drink claimed to be ‘drinkable sunblock’. She also claimed that consumers will no longer need to apply sunscreen if they drink the product.

However, netizens find it difficult to believe that the ‘drinkable sunblock’ would be as effective as she claimed. Many had also taken to the comment section to criticise her.

Despite the criticisms, the woman still tried to ‘teach’ netizens about the product’s benefits by showing the ingredients used.


Bestnyaaa sunblock boleh minum, protect kulit 12 jam dari uva & uvb. First in Malaysia! #drinkablesunblock #uva #uvb #sunburn #sunlove #oralsunblock

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What do netizens think?

According to the woman, the product contains antioxidants which would keep the consumer’s skin silky smooth.

She also claimed that the product is the result of 2 years of research.


Replying to @poppypunk94 HEYYY!! I did my research for 2 damn years!! Finding the best ingredients with potent antioxidant to protect our skin from uva&uvb deep inside! Siap ada video doctor go through ingredients SunLove ni best !! Beribu dah org consume kulit tak sunburn! Product takde bahan kimia! All natural ingredients! This is not whitening product okay! Best quality! Standard international! 😘 #oralsunblock #viralproduct #nosideeffect #nosunburn #feedbacks #sunlove #sunburn

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However, many believed that she might be confused with the antioxidant ingredient, which works more as a ‘whitening product’ instead of a ‘sunblock’.

Some netizens pointed out that the product is not new in the market and there had been several researches conducted on the product but none of them were able to prove its effectiveness.

Even worse, some said the product will not only not protect the skin from UV rays but will also damage the kidneys.

Experts’ response

The idea of sunblock products is to coat oneself in a cream that protects the skin from UV rays from the sun but for ‘drinkable sunblocks’, it is for our body to absorb certain compounds to give our skin some protection from burning.

Some studies have shown that eating or drinking certain compounds, including tomato paste and green tea, does provide the UV protecting effect.

However, experts’ advice has remained the same, which is to wear sunscreen liberally and a hat for added protection.

This is because products that are applied directly to the skin are proven to be more effective than consuming them and waiting for your body to digest and absorb the nutrients.

What do you think about this? Share your thoughts!

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