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Watch: Giant LED screen crashes down on stage, injuring 2 dancers

Social NewsWatch: Giant LED screen crashes down on stage, injuring 2 dancers

On Thursday (28 July) night, at least 2 Hong Kong dancers were injured after a giant LED screen fell off the ceiling at a concert of the city’s most popular boy band Mirror.

The terrifying footage of the incident has since gone viral online, leaving netizens in shock.

The footage showed a group of white-clad dancers performing onstage at the Hong Kong Coliseum when a giant overhead video screen fell and crushed a man. The screen then toppled onto another person before the remaining performers rushed to help.

According to Variety, the injured dancers were part of the performing troupe for Mirror, a 12-piece boy band who are currently holding a concert series named “MIRROR.WEARE” at the Coliseum.

The dancers were immediately rushed to the hospital and it was reported that one suffered a head injury but was in stable condition while the other had a neck injury and is currently in critical condition.

At the same time, the concert was called off by the band’s manager and audiences were asked to leave the venue, but told they could retain their tickets until further notice.

Source: Facebook

However, many who witnessed the accident live at the concert, or watched the video circulating on social media, were emotionally disturbed by the incident.

“I have never felt this terrible going to a concert. Walking out of the Coliseum felt like walking out of a funeral home. It was somber, no one was talking,” a netizen said.

“Some other girls among the audience were crying. Another friend, who’s a mother, questioned why such a horrible, unacceptable incident could happen in Hong Kong, at the Coliseum,” another said.

Meanwhile, SCMP reported that an investigation was to be conducted under the orders of Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu.

In a statement, he expressed shock over the incident and said that the Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and related authorities will conduct a thorough investigation. “I express sympathy to those who were injured and hope that they will recover soon,” he said.

The Hong Kong government has also suspended further concerts at the venue until its stage design and mechanical structures are proven to be safe.

Let’s hope for the dancers’ speedy recovery.

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