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Kelantan Deputy MB: Job opportunities are plenty, but Kelantanese likes to wander around

NewsKelantan Deputy MB: Job opportunities are plenty, but Kelantanese likes to wander...

The attitude of Kelantanese who like to wander around is the reason why they choose not to work in the state although there are many job opportunities here, said Kelantan Deputy Menteri Besar Datuk Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah.

He said that while a lot of Kelantanese opted to work outside of Kelantan, some are choosy about jobs.

However, he said this phenomenon is not observed in Kelantan as there are a lot of people from other states that also chose to do so. He then cited a recent study that revealed that 500,000 Malaysians were working abroad.

According to Sinar Harian, Mohd Amar, who is also the PAS vice-president, said that working abroad is a personal preference but the Kelantan state government will look for ways to encourage people to work inside their own state.

“This was due to attitude and if there is a need we will build a platform to provide information to the people to attract them to work in their own state,” he said this in a dialogue session in Kota Baru on Tuesday (26 July).

He said this when being asked for his opinion on the apparent lack of job opportunities in Kelantan that forced its people to migrate.

Meanwhile, Mohd Amar also said that Kelantaneses’ fondness of wandering is not only limited to jobs but also can be seen in education.

He then gave an example where the people of his constituency, Panchor, would prefer to go to schools in Kota Baru, despite existing schools in the constituency.

In addition, he also noted that Kelantanese prefers to study in Kuala Lumpur for their tertiary education despite the existence of institutions such as the Sultan Ismail Petra International Islamic College in the state.

“For example, there is an abundance of job opportunities in oil palm plantations across the state that offers a high salary but due to the lack of takers, the industry players need to rely on foreign labour,” he said.

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