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How to locate a smartphone that’s lost or stolen

Apple and Google have set up a relatively simple system that allows you to geolocate your phone when you can’t find it, whether it is simply misplaced, or worse, it’s been stolen.

To locate an Android smartphone, simply go to any other device, log in to your Google account, and then go to Android.com/Find. From then on, all your listed devices can be precisely located. However, a few conditions must be met. Your smartphone must be switched on, for example, still signed in to your account, and the device’s Location function and Find My Device must be turned on too.

If it’s somewhere nearby, but you still can’t find it, it’s possible to make it ring via the Android.com/Find web page. In case of theft, you can lock your device and even remotely erase its data, again provided that it is switched on and connected.

If you have an iPhone, the procedure is virtually the same. This time, you have to go to iCloud.com/find and log in to your Apple account. Note that it is also possible to use the Find My application on another iPhone or iPad that you own. Here again, you can ring, lock or delete your iPhone’s data remotely. 


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