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“I want to stay independent” Fahmi Reza declines TMJ’s invitation to meet and hear out his criticisms

Social News"I want to stay independent" Fahmi Reza declines TMJ's invitation to meet...

Political graphic artist Fahmi Reza is known for his controversial artworks that poke fun at royalty and politicians while highlighting the current and pressing issues Malaysians faced.

Because of that, Fahmi often gets himself into trouble with the authorities and was called in by the police to have his statement recorded. At the same time, some of them even choose to block Fahmi’s socials to keep his pieces out of sight.

Recently, Fahmi has taken to Twitter to compare the reaction from the Pahang regent Tengku Hassanal who gave recognition to his piece on him, while poking fun at Johor Crown Prince Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim (TMJ) for blocking him.

Fahmi’s tweet has since gone viral online and eventually it caught the attention of TMJ himself, who later went on to message Fahmi personally and explain that it was his account’s admin who blocked him.

In the screenshots of the conversation, it showed,

“Sorry, my admin blocked you. I’ve asked them to unblock you. I invited you to meet back then but you didn’t want to. I will ask Marina to arrange it,” TMJ said.

However, Fahmi turned TMJ’s offer down and explain that he wants to remain independent and does not want to be seen associated with any politician, head of government or anyone from the royalty.

“This is to avoid the impression that I’m biased or close with anyone,” Fahmi said.

“It would be easier for me to remain as an independent activist. I hope you understand why I rejected your offer. If we were to meet, all of the political sheep will label me as ‘TMJ’s slave’,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Johor regent also shared a screenshot of his conversation with Fahmi via Twitter, stating that he loves to meet anti-monarchy people like Fahmi.

At the same time, Senai assemblyman Marina Ibrahim said that she had personally taken a few activists to meet with TMJ in the past, during which the activists criticise Tunku Ismail face-to-face.

She added that nobody was asked to tone down on their criticism against TMJ after the meeting.

She said she had asked TMJ himself to meet up with activists in public places, which the Johor regent had also agreed to.

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