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JPJ to introduce harsher punishments for Mat Rempits due to their stubborness

NewsJPJ to introduce harsher punishments for Mat Rempits due to their stubborness

Mat rempits (illegal stunt-performing motorcycle racers) have long been a nuisance to local road users for endangering themselves and also other road users.

Last week, the death of 4 mat rempits in Penang, who were involved in an illegal race, shocked the entire country. Following the incident, many had called for the authorities to take action against this group.

According to Astro Awani, the Road Transport Department (JPJ) is now looking into implementing stricter and harsher punishments for those involved in mat rempit activities due to their stubbornness and insistence of turning public roads into racetracks and causing death.

Source: FMT

JPJ Deputy Director General (Planning and Operations) Aedy Fadly Ramli said the matter will be department will make announces in this regard in the near future.

“We have received instructions from the Ministry of Transport to re-examine current penalties against riders who commit offences that endanger the safety of the public on the road,”

“Since mat rempits is a very hot topic right now, JPJ will investigate it and we will take action and we will inform you in the near future,” he said.

He added that this is to ensure that mat rempits do not arbitrarily commit offences when on the road.

Source: The Star

Meanwhile, JPJ also welcomes the public to channel information about illegal races in their areas to the department.

“We ask the public to inform us through the traffic complaint channel. We know there are certain hot areas and we are indeed monitoring. JPJ and PDRM are watching them and we will take action,” he said.

During the Parliament session on Monday (25 July), Lim Guan Eng suggested that the Ministry of Transport imposes rules and heavier punishments for mat rempits and that such perpetrators should be punished the same as drunk drivers.

Lim cited data from the police, pointing out that the number of road users involved in DUI accidents related to alcohol and drugs was 212 in 2020 and 39 in 2019, 191 (2018), 212 (2017), and 461 (2016). In comparison, he said thousands of deaths could be attributed to accidents involving Mat Rempit since 2009.

“Clearly these mat rempits are a menace to public safety and have endangered both the lives and livelihood of innocent motorists,” he said.

Meanwhile, Aedy said that JPJ knows the hotspots of these mat rempits and they are keeping an eye out on them and taking action.

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