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M’sians shocked to find out that entrance fee needed at Bukit Tabur, authorities deny allowing such fee collection

Social NewsM'sians shocked to find out that entrance fee needed at Bukit Tabur,...

Bukit Tabur has been a popular picnic spot among Klang Valley residents before it was taken over by private operators since last year for eco-tourism ventures.

Recently, the residents there were shocked to find out that they have to pay an ‘entrance’ fee to enjoy the serenity of a jungle park of Sg Klang headstream, at the foot of Bukit Tabur quartz ridge.

According to The Vibes, visitors are required to pay RM7 (adult) and RM3 (children and teenagers) as an entrance fee and are only allowed to visit the river bay from 7 am to 7 pm.

Source: The Vibes

In addition, a fee of RM70 will be imposed for day or overnight camping by renting the 5-by-5 feet spot at the riverside, a stone’s throw away from the dam.

It was reported that an operator who identified himself only as “Bob” claimed that squatter residents of Kg Warisan in Taman Melawati are the caretakers of the area and he said they have obtained the green light from state agencies to develop the area as part of Selangor agriculture and eco-tourism master plan.

“This is private land and anyone who wishes to pass through and visit the river (near the dam) or use our facilities for a picnic, recreational activities and camping must pay the fees,” he claimed.

Source: The Vibes

Unfortunately, he failed to provide supporting documents for his statement.

The signage that detailed the fees also showed the emblems of Selangor Water Management Authority, Irrigation and Drainage Department, Ampang Jaya Municipal Council and the Selangor government.

Speaking to the news portal, Nik Atilla Atasha Shaharuddin, who made her last visit to the river park six years ago, was shocked to find that visitors now have to pay an entrance fee. “This place used to be open for all without having to pay anything.”

“It is truly sad that this place is commercialised. I wonder what’s next. Will there be an entrance fee for a jungle hike around the quartz ridge or a log cabin for tourists up there soon?” she asked.

Source: Oriental Daily

Meanwhile, Oriental Daily reported that the authorities have never allowed any party to collect entrance fees.

They added that even the buildings on the riverside were not authorised by the Ampang Jaya City Council (MPAJ).

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