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JAWI plans to ‘rehabilitate’ sex workers in Chow Kit, citing the social issues from prostitutions

NewsJAWI plans to 'rehabilitate' sex workers in Chow Kit, citing the social...

Everybody deserves a second chance, said the Minister of Religious Affairs, Idris Ahmad.

According to Harakah Daily, Ustaz Datuk Haji Idris Ahmad said the Federal Territories Islamic Religious Department (JAWI) is working with NGOs to rehabilitate sex workers in Chow Kit Road, Kuala Lumpur.

He explained that prostitution has caused many social issues in the area as these children who were born out of wedlock faced difficulties in obtaining valid birth certificates and other documentation.

Thus without help, they would face further problems in society and be forced into a life of crime.

“Besides the prostitution taking place, young couples living together is another common problem in the Chow Kit area.”

“We also found that there are children (born out of wedlock) who do not know who their fathers are and they are also homeless,” he said.

Source: FMT

Meanwhile, the founder of Yayasan Chow Kit Hartini Zainidin has responded to the minister’s initiative and questioned how the ministry plans to help the sex workers.

She then pointed out that Idris’s suggestion to rehabilitate the worker’s community in Chow Kit Road is just another stereotype against them.

“JAWI sound like they’re waging war against the children and families in Chow Kit Road,” Hartini said, FMT reported.

“How does JAWI intend to rehabilitate sex workers? Will it help provide them jobs?”

She then said that JAWI should liaise with the Home Ministry department before everything else to provide documentation for the homeless children in the area.

Apart from that, Hartini suggested that the department provide funding for these children to receive education and healthcare protection.

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