Friday, March 31, 2023

“Why not the Mosque? It’s free” M’sians condemns religious preacher who attempted to guilt-trip people for going to concerts

Social News"Why not the Mosque? It's free" M'sians condemns religious preacher who attempted...

While some believe that spending a little money to attend a concert of their favourite singer or band is worth it, others think that we should be focusing on other things instead.

Recently, PAS leader Ahmad Dusuki Abdul Rani has taken to his Facebook page to give his opinion after finding out that concert tickets to Indonesian rock band ‘Dewa 19’ were sold out within an hour.

In the Facebook post, he wrote “Why are tickets sold out? Because you’re excited, right? The glitter of the world…”


He then continues saying that Mosques do not even need tickets. “Religious events are the path to heaven, there is no need to pay but why are we not excited? Is it because the hereafter is far away? We and the hereafter are as close as the layers of an onion! Get ready,” he said.

The remark did not go well among netizens with many taking it to Twitter to slam Ahmad Dusuki for guilt-tripping Malaysians to perform their prayers in the Mosque.

A netizen who was disagree with his remarks wrote in Twitter, “Can you people stop treating religion like some sort of fandom that always has to be number 1 on the Billboard top 100?”

He then stressed that there is always room for all and people can decide on their priorities.

Another netizen who agreed with him commented, “Just guilt tripping people the whole time. I thought only insurance agents like to do this, turns out that religious preachers are the same.”

Meanwhile, other netizens pointed out that religious preachers should find ways to attract people into going to Mosques instead of guilt-tripping them.

“If you know that few people are going for religious events, why don’t you multiply your efforts to encourage people to come? That is how you should respond,” a netizen said.

Some netizens then suggested Mosques to hold activities such as community clean ups, potting plants and taking care of the environment activities.

“To me, that is even more Islamic,” a netizen said.

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