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Husband and wife arrested for allegedly abusing 4YO adopted child

NewsHusband and wife arrested for allegedly abusing 4YO adopted child

On Friday (22 July) morning, a 4-year-old child was rescued from his abusive adoptive parents in Beranang, Selangor.

This came after a 24-second video of the alleged child abuse went viral on social media, where it showed a woman beating the child with a broomstick.

In a statement, the Kajang District Police Chief Assistant Commissioner Mohd Zaid Hassan said the police immediately took action against the couple who was involved in the incident after receiving a report from a man who stated that there was a case of child abuse and injury on the same day.

The couple, who is Malaysian and her Singaporean husband, aged between 28 and 30, have been arrested and are now under remand for 7 days until 28 July.


Mohd Zaid said the preliminary investigations found that the incident occurred because the victim did not like to eat rice and the suspect forced the victim to swallow rice until they vomited. He added that the victim is also said to be hyperactive.

The video was uploaded by the same man who lodged the police report.

In addition, the investigation also found that the couple adopted the child from Indonesian parents, who could not afford to raise her.


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“The biological parents of the child are Indonesians. Due to that, she does not have a valid identity document. The victim was handed over to the suspects in April because her biological parents could not afford to raise her,” Mohd Zaid said.

“The victim is said to be beaten quite often by the adoptive couple, with clothes hangers, broomsticks and sometimes lit with lighters,” he explained.

Following the rescue, the victim was rushed to the Kajang Hospital to treat her injuries.

Mohd Zaid also urged those with information about the incident to reach out to the nearest police station and to contact the investigating officer Inspector Suresh Krishnan at 017-433 3795.

The case is being investigated under Section 31(1)(a) of the Child Act 2001.

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