Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Watch: UK News reporter dismisses scientist’s heat wave warning, says she wants people to be ‘happy about the weather’

Social NewsWatch: UK News reporter dismisses scientist’s heat wave warning, says she wants...

The UK is currently experiencing a terrible heat wave with temperatures recording up to 40°C. However, it appears that there are still people who thinks that this is normal and it is just ‘a bit of warm weather’.

Recently, a video showing how the media dismisses scientists’ warning of climate change has gone viral on Twitter. The video shared by a netizen was a short clip from the movie Don’t Look Up and he pointed out the shocking similarities to a real clip of a news report where a UK meteorologist’s discussions about extreme weather are dismissed.

The snippet from Don’t Look Up features Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, who realise that a comet will destroy Earth, bringing their findings to the government, media, and the public. Unfortunately, they were dismissed and made fun of by everybody. At the end of the movie, everybody dies.

The movie is meant to be a satirical comedy, but nobody would have thought that this is happening right now

Meanwhile, in the real news report, the reporter used similar dismissive language against British meteorologist John Hammond who was issuing warnings regarding the heat wave.

Commenting on the current heat wave in the UK, he warned viewers that the ‘nice weather’ will be turning into ‘lethal weather’ and said hundreds or thousands could have died from this.

On the other hand, GB News anchor Bev Turner responded by saying that it is a nice weather and she wanted people ‘to be happy about the weather’.

“I don’t know whether something’s happened to meteorologists to make you all a bit fatalistic and harbingers of doom,” she said.

The response has since made netizens furious with many taking to the comment section to criticise the reporter for downplaying the scientists’ warnings and disregarding the effects of climate change.

Climate change is real and is happening all over the world, including in Malaysia. Since early this year, Malaysia has been experiencing heavy downpours that cause flash floods and heat waves with much higher temperatures than before.

This is certainly not normal and we have to do something about it.

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