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Watch: M’sian woman gets abandon by her husband in the middle of a highway after a heated argument

Source: TikTok

All families experience conflict at some point or another but what makes us a family is that such arguments do not stop us from being altogether. However, it is important to remember that we should not take things too far despite it being a heated argument.

Recently, a video shared by TikTok user @shatu18lapan which showed a woman being abandoned by her husband in the middle of a highway has gone viral online with netizens praising the user for helping the poor woman.

It is understood that the user is working as a callman and he is patrolling the Federal Highway. However, he was surprised to find a woman standing at the highway separator and checking her phone.

Source: TikTok

The user then stopped his vehicle by the road to cross the street and asked her if she was alright. Apparently, the woman was abandoned by her husband there after an argument.

He then guided her back to the other end of the road and send her home.


tengah ronda2 cari kes kemalangan, tiba2 jumpa auntie ni di tinggalkan suami di tgh2 lebuhraya persekutuan… mcm2 dunia ni, bunuh anak, buang isteri semua ada. alhamdulillah wanita tersebut dah pun saya hantar ke pangkuan suaminya.

♬ original sound – shatu18lapan – shatu18lapan

In the caption, the user wrote “While I was patrolling the highway for accident cases, I found this aunty that was abandoned by her husband right in the middle of Federal Highway.”

“I’ve managed to send her home to her husband.”

In the comment section, netizens praised the user for helping the poor woman. Some even criticised her husband for being irresponsible.

“Respect you. People like you are hard to find these days,” a netizen said.

“We need more men like you and less men like her husband,” another netizen said.

Nonetheless, conflict are not resolved with arguments but through negotiations and mutual agreement and hence, here’s an advice to try and listen what the other party wants and come to a common ground.

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