Saturday, March 25, 2023

“Refuelling for Lamborghini is cheap!” M’sians slam couple for filming themselves at petrol station

Social News"Refuelling for Lamborghini is cheap!" M'sians slam couple for filming themselves at...

Oil prices have been on the rise and this has affected most Malaysians who are already struggling with the rising prices of food items. However, it appears that a small group of them were not affected by this and they could continue to live the lifestyle they want.

Recently, the Twitter page Isu Viral Semasa shared a video of a couple driving an orange Lamborghini, with the woman filming herself doing a ‘tutorial’ on how to refuel a Lamborghini, as well as revealing the cost for a full tank of the vehicle. 

After she has finished filling the tank up, she casually told the audience, “It’s not expensive. It was just RM400 plus! Cheap, right?”

Meanwhile, the Twitter page also pointed out that there’s a signboard at the gas station that warns people against using their mobile phone at the gas station but the couple had ignore this rule.

It also tagged the Malaysian police (PDRM) in the tweet to get their attention.

In the comment section, netizens have criticised the couple for showing off their wealth and not following the ‘no mobile phone’ rule too.

“I’m not looking for a disaster, but let’s assume if the whole place is blown up, let’s see how much her RM400 is worth. Don’t you think you’re endangering others?” a netizen said.

“That’s why education is important. Stupid people are really dangerous.” another netizen said.

Meanwhile, another netizen warned the public of those show off their lavish lifestyle on social media only to sell their courses or join their business.

Lari jauh-jauh (Run far away). Then you check, ‘Are they making money from the market as they claimed or are they making money off your membership fees?'” the netizen said.

While it is not wrong to show off your wealth if you have the means, we should stay abide with the rules to ensure the safety of others.

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