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#Turun: Group plans demonstration at Sogo KL on Saturday to protest the rising cost of living

Social News#Turun: Group plans demonstration at Sogo KL on Saturday to protest the...

A group named Turun Malaysia announced that they are holding a protest outside Sogo in downtown Kuala Lumpur this Saturday (23 July) over the rising cost of living in the country.

It also called on students and other young Malaysians to join the protest and gather at the shopping complex by 2 pm to voice out their grievance over the hike in the prices of goods.

“The people are suffering, but ministers are still getting handsome salaries. See you all at Sogo at 2pm this Saturday,” the group said through its Telegram channel.

In addition, the group also has 5 demands to the government and they are,

  • Ministers to take a pay cut,
  • Subsidy measures to be maintained,
  • Bigger cash aid for the needy,
  • Government to control the price of goods,
  • Government to ensure food security in the country.

Meanwhile, the group also said that the government’s special committee to wage “jihad” on inflation, led by communications and multimedia minister Annuar Musa, had failed to do anything about the matter despite being formed three weeks ago and going through multiple meetings.

Source: Twitter

“Aside from visiting morning markets and sundry shops, the members of the committee, who are also Cabinet members, do not have any new and effective ideas to control the prices of goods and help the people,” it said.

Earlier this week, Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani has warned the people against participating in gatherings or flash mobs to protest price hikes of goods.

He advised the people to not participate in any flash mobs or assemblies that do not comply with the conditions under the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012, as such events are deemed illegal assemblies because it’s carried out without prior permission from the police.

“Stern action will be taken against the flash mob, assembly organisers or participants who fail to obey the law,” he said.

Meanwhile, the group said they have no other choice but to take it to the streets as the issue of rising prices has been overlooked by the prime minister and his ministers.

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