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Singaporean man had his car stolen after leaving it at Genting Highlands carpark for a day

Social NewsSingaporean man had his car stolen after leaving it at Genting Highlands...

A Singaporean man who was on a vacation at Genting Highlands got his car stolen from the SkyAvenue mall car park last Saturday (16 July).

In an interview with Mothership.sg, the man named Damien said he drove to Genting Highlands in his Honda Civic Type R on Friday (15 July) and parked his car at the SkyAvenue shopping mall car park.

However, when he returned to retrieve it on the evening next day, he found that his car was no longer there.

Source: Facebook

Damien initially thought he misremembered where his car was parked, and Damien and his friends went on searching for it but they still could not find it.

He also said that he has requested help from the car park’s management, who sent out five motorcycles to comb through the place. However, the car was nowhere to be seen after the 2-hour search.

“Lost items are not our problem”

With this, he suspected that his car might have been stolen. Damien then reached out to First World Hotel’s management for assistance.

Unfortunately, the management was not helpful on this matter.

“When we first reported the theft, they literally replied: Oh? Your car hilang (missing)? Report police there, lost items are not our problem,” Damien shared.

Damien said he has since lodged a police report on the matter, but as of writing, the police are still unable to locate the car.

In the meantime, the police also checked the closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage and found that his car was being driven down Genting Highlands mountain at 2 am.

Source: Mothership
Source: Mothership

Another CCTV footage also showed the stolen vehicle tailgating another car through the car park exit. There were also no signs of forced entry.

Damien shared that he had locked the doors, and used a manual steering lock to prevent the car from being towed. Unfortunately, it still ended up being stolen.

“Expensive lesson learnt on behalf of all Singaporeans and car owners. Please be safe when travelling everyone!” he said.

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