Friday, December 9, 2022

“Physical road tax stickers are so inconvenient!” M’sians suggest replacing them with digital ones

Social News"Physical road tax stickers are so inconvenient!" M'sians suggest replacing them with...

Although technology has advanced so much over the past decades, the government is still issuing official documents such as birth certificates, IC, and driving license in physical form without a digital alternative.

Recently, a Twitter user @Injang_Nation called on the authorities to replace this ‘dinosaur’ age method with a digital one as these physical road tax stickers can be extremely inconvenient and troublesome.

In a tweet, the user responded to a netizen who was showing off their separate holder for their road tax sticker and asked why road tax stickers are still physical instead of digital.

“The design isn’t intelligent, it dirties the windscreen. It should be more advanced now and we could just make it digital,” Injang said.

Meanwhile, Injang’s tweet went viral online with many netizens agreeing with his opinion on this matter.

One netizen then suggested that the authorities turned the road tax stickers into a QR code as it would simplify things.

Another netizen sarcastically commented that it would be impossible to abolish the current system as the stickers allow “cronies” to make a lot of money from it.

Meanwhile, one netizen said we should stop paying for road taxes because the money paid to the road and transport department (JPJ) was not used to make or repair roads.

On the other hand, some netizens pointed out that the issue is not just limited to road tax stickers but the authorities should integrate multiple important documents into a single one.

“The smart chip inside our IC should be completed with a person’s full information including their driving license. But we still want to use a separate card for that. Isn’t that stupid and a waste,” another netizen explained.

“The MSC technology we have was promoted the first time ICs were introduced in the early 2000s with it to be integrated with driving licenses.”

“20 years later our driving license is still a separate card. What is this,” he added.

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